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Autism Therapy News and Updates

 Latest Autism Therapy News and Updates Video

In this video posted by the Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD) Autism activists Shannon and Nancy, talk about the latest Autism Therapy news and provide updates on some current issues then take a look at a new app for autistic kids from Kim Scott creator of Panda Pal.

It is a bit of a lenghty video, there is a lot to talk about, one of them is artificial intelligence to identify autism in minutes. This was reported online in the Harvard Gazette…


Researchers at Harvard Medical School (HMS) have significantly reduced from hours to minutes the time it takes to accurately detect autism in young children.

The process of diagnosing autism is complex, subjective, and often limited to only a segment of the population in need.  With the recent rise in incidence to one in 88 children, the need for accurate and widely deployable methods for screening and diagnosis is substantial. Dennis Wall, associate professor of pathology and director of the Computational Biology Initiative at the Center for Biomedical Informatics at HMS, has been working to address this problem and has discovered a highly accurate strategy that could significantly reduce the complexity and time of the diagnostic process.

Wall has been developing algorithms and associated deployment mechanisms to detect autism rapidly and with high accuracy.  The algorithms are designed to work within a mobile architecture, combining a small set of questions and a short home video of the subject, to enable rapid online assessments. This procedure could reduce the time for autism diagnosis by nearly 95 percent, from hours to minutes, and could be easily integrated into routine child screening practices to enable a dramatic increase in reach to the population at risk.

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This is on small step for Autism, any step is a good step. Congratulation Professor Wall, anything that can help reduce the stress and hardships of autism is welcome. With a program that can be easily integrated and become a routine part of screening better approach treating autism having more accurate diagnoses earlier in a patients life.

Autism Four Times More Likely in Males

In the next story the two ask discuss the question, “Why is Autism more prevalent in males by four times over females?”.  Some researchers studying the phenomenon are coming closer to the answer.

In a story related by the Montreal Gazette we get some great reporting on the phenomena that seems to be a gender bias for autism.

DNA Test

A researcher performs a DNA test in a file photo. Researchers analyzed the genes of more than 1,600 people with autism, leading them to uncover a key genetic clue, possibly explaining the gender bias: an alteration in the SHANK1 gene. Photograph by: Leon Neal , AFP/Getty Images

Researchers found that the SHANK 1 gene is involved.  When male fetuses are missing one copy of the gene, it affects the developmental process so much that it leads to autism, but in female biology it makes no difference.

“These results will also have immediate relevance for clinical genetic testing in autism spectrum disorder,” the study’s authors concluded.

The gene can be tested for, so doctors can diagnose early on and treat affected males.  If 100 people with autism spectrum disorder are given a full battery of genetic tests, Scherer estimated they could account for the genetic cause in 20 percent of those cases.  Researchers have pinpointed three SHANK genes that are involved with neuron formation and interaction in the brain.

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This is another small step we’ve taken today, as the Shank1 gene is only applicable to 0.1 percent of subjects however the discovery could open the doors to a broader therapeutic approach.

Corn Sugar = Brain Destroying Chemicals = Spike in Autism

You can argue if you like but if you are a concerned parent you may want to stop ingesting and feeding your children foods with high fructose corn syrup.

In this report from Northwestern University consumption of hi fructose corn syrup is linked to loss of zinc, which is responsible for cleansing the body of heavy metals like mercury, arsenic,cadmium  and calcium.   This deficiency affects all types of disorders and in general it is good dietary health to  get rid of toxins, food dyes and chemicals.

“To better address the explosion of autism, it’s critical we consider how unhealthy diets interfere with the body’s ability to eliminate toxic chemicals, and ultimately our risk for developing long-term health problems like autism,” said Dr. David Wallinga, co-author of the study and physician at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy

Back in 2009, it was revealed that HFCS is actually a source of heavy metal poisoning as well. The heavy processing required to produce HFCS involves the use of caustic soda chemicals and mercury, two brain-destroying chemicals that end up in the final product fed to millions of American children (http://www.naturalnews.com/025442_HFCS_Corn_Refiners_Association.html).

Ketchup, sodas, juice drinks, breads, crackers, cookies, and many other processed food items are loaded with HFCS, and these items are a staple in many children’s diets, including in the meals fed to them at school. So it is no wonder that children’s bodies are being overwhelmed by mercury and other autism-related toxins, which is only worsened by the onslaught of neurologically damaging vaccines, some of which still contain mercury, most of them received throughout their early childhood developmental years.

Read more on this here…

This can be taken as a general health warning. A health diet is the foundation for keeping the body fit and free from disease. We do want to warn you that the Pharmaceutical and Agricultural businesses are fully aware of the dangers associated with high fructose corn syrup, yet their greed is so strong and their profits from selling poisons are so great that the successfully had the name of High Fructose Corn Syrup changed to Corn Sugar, so now on packaging they are trying to trick you into thinking you are not ingesting the toxins they add to your food. It’s a deliberate deception we hope you don’t become victim of.