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Autism Therapy and Jenny McCarthy

Q & A with Jenny McCarthy about Autism and Therapy

Jenny McCarthy has a soft spot in her heart for parents of autistic children.

Parents who face major financial burdens in affording autism therapy for their children. With an autistic child of her own she knows a lot about it.
On Memorial Day weekend Generation Rescue will be holding a conference where autism therapy and treatment options will be presented. Families in the Chicago area can attend for no charge.

Alisa M. Alexander did an interview with Jenny on the SunTimes where she reveals more information about her involvement in autism awareness and Generation Rescue.

Jenny McCarthy promotes autism awareness thru Generation Rescue

Jenny McCarthy promotes autism awareness thru Generation Rescue

Q. I know that you have a connection with Generation Rescue through your journey as a mother to your son, Evan, who was diagnosed with autism. Tell me how you got involved with Generation Rescue and Autism One.

A. The day Evan was diagnosed with autism, the doctor told me there wasn’t much I could do. Thank God, I had enough faith to take matters into my own hands. I Googled the word “autism,” which brought me to Generation Rescue. This website, at that time, was just a website of information that was run by parents and by doctors that were treating kids with autism … and it said that the kids could get better. At first I thought that it can’t be real, because why would my doctor lie? So I kept reading. It kept providing interesting concepts such as changing your kids’ diet and detoxifying their environment. It made sense to me, so I said, “Why not give it a try?” Evan showed drastic improvements, so when he got better, I made it my mission to take over Generation Rescue and make it a successful organization that raises funds so that low-income families that have children with autism can get help.

Q. Were you surprised by the cost of treatment and the number of families that couldn’t afford to treat their children with autism?

A. I mean, me, here I am in show business, and I was taking a hit because insurance doesn’t cover most of the treatments. A lot of it was out of pocket, so I had to take a second mortgage on my house. I thought to myself, “If I am having to do this, I can’t imagine how others can manage the cost of treatment.” So how were they doing it? When I started looking into it, I realized that so many families were doing nothing … they couldn’t. So the biggest thing I wanted to implement was to take these low-income families and do a grant program, so the ones who want to do something are now able to help their children. We have an enormous success rate, because we have been monitoring and tracking data as the grant program moves along. Eighty percent of the children we have funded have improved significantly.

Q. I hear you have a desk in the Generation Rescue office and have regular hours. What is your week like?

A. It’s nice, because when I took over Generation Rescue, I moved the organization to L.A., right across the street from my house. This way I am close to it. At one point, my house was a school for autistic children. I opened up my doors to about 30 kids and their families at the time. I was turning into Mary Poppins because I had to do something for these kids who have nowhere to go. So my house was the school for two years. Generation Rescue is still across the street but the school did move.

Q. Why is it important that the Generation Rescue Conference be affordable?

A. I know how expensive autism is … and then the travel expenses to go to a conference … and then to pay $200 to get a pass for the week … I can’t even imagine it! Now, parents can come with their children at a minimal cost. We even have babysitting services at the conference. We are also entertaining the fathers with speakers that will keep them interested.

Read more from the interview with Alisa M. Alexander.

For more information on this great cause visit Generation Rescue.

Generation Rescue, Jenny McCarthy’s autism organization, helps families of children with autism spectrum disorders connect with autism therapy options. The goal is to help the kids improve their quality of life.

You can get more on alternatives in autism therapy at http://autismandtherapy.com

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