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Autism Rates in Utah and The Cause of Autism

Autism Rates in Utah and The Cause of Autism

With the dramatic rise in autism rates in Utah and across the nation comes more debate on the cause of autism.

There is much to do to in determining the cause of autism, do you think autism can be brought about by vaccines?

Many are of the opinion that there is no scientific data to prove the vaccinations may cause autism. One in 47 children in Utah has been diagnosed with ASD and that is almost twice the national average.

As a result of the debate there has been a lot of research done to determine what cause of autism and help bring about better methods to treat autism.

It was over 10 years ago that the notion of vaccinations causing autism arose. No scientific data just a lot of reports of normal babies suddenly developing disorders related to autism after being innoculated.

One such study was Vaccines and Autism: A Tale of Shifting Hypotheses


Many are saying that is it is time to look for answers to new questions. What role does genetics play? More studies of the brains of autistics are needed. Also what other environmental factors, foods, chemical or toxins in the air could be a contributing factor or the cause of autism?

Clinical Infectious Diseases

Offit, Paul and Gerber, Jeffrey S.

However in a recent video from Experimental Vaccines posted by Kenny Valenzuela, a clinical therapist with over 20 years in the field continues to disagree.

Watch the video and see.

Are Vaccinations a Cause of Autism?

When I started back in 1989 as a staff member in a residential care facility known as a group home I had only heard of clients suffering with autism. Then in 1993 I began working a day program teaching a class called; “Life Skills Plus”. The first half of the day we would spending in a classroom setting learning basic reading, math , social skills and hygiene.

The second half of the day we spent in the community working on social integration skill like going to the grocery store or visiting the library. It was during this time I began working with young adults suffering with autism. The school that I taught at had a total of 86 clients whom were diagnosed with mild to moderate MR. Out of the 86 students there were 4 that had the special dual diagnosis; developmentally disabled with MR and ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder).

I was assigned two of the four clients and started to learn a great deal about autism first hand and began consuming all the information I could find on the subject.

Now it’s 2012 and autism rates in the United States are on the levels of a full blown epidemic with the Center for Disease Control and Preventions’ national statistics showing that 1 in 88 children are diagnosed with ASD or Autism Spectrum Disorder.

In Utah the rates get even higher with the state leading the way at a whopping 1 in 47 kids diagnosed with ASD. New Jersey comes in second with a staggering rate of 1 in 49 kids having been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Soon ASD will be as common as cancer which of course will help the pharmaceutical company’s profit margins every year we have more and more medications, vaccinations and regulations being created by these big global pharmaceutical giants and still what do we get in return? …..More Sick People!

read more here….

No matter what the cause of autism or what you believe, at the end of the day we all agree there needs to be more done to stop this terrible affiction for rising. We see the rates of autism in Utah skyrocket,can we brush it off to better screening of patients?

Also, do we know what was in the vaccines ten to fifteen years ago?

What if the government and drug manufacturers added solutions to the vaccines like they were congressional bills they add pork too? Slipped them in for our own good.

What if they determined they in fact were doing wrong and removed the harmful potions in the vaccines before any real testing could be done?

Do you think a major drug manufacture would try to cover up something like that.

Now we are dealing with GMO, genetically modified food organism are being shoved down our throats by Mansanto and the FDA. Do you really believe they are safe? Do you trust the government and big agriculture to protect us? Or do you believe they will line their own pockets with kickbacks to get the frankenstein food to market.

There are many studies now on the relationship of chemicals and toxins in the environment to see if they somehow contribute to the cause of autism. Do you believe that we should hold off on the GMO’s till more studies are done?

The future of our children lies in the answers.