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Autism Insurance Claims Denied In Spite of New Laws

Are Autism Insurance Laws Strong Enough?

Autism advocates aver insurance company policies of ‘no pay, go away’ hasn’t changed.

Even recent changes in laws can’t get them to pay up on mandated autism insurance coverage claims.

Have you ever been put of by an insurance company for a legitimate claim?

Does that make you mad?

How would you feel if you had an autistic child and your state mandated autism insurance coverage, but your insurance company refused to pay?

You want to get your child that therapy because if you don’t the chances are your child will grow up developmentaly disabled.

That means, they may not speak or use the toilet. Your child may not want to hug you or you may have a very difficult time taking them to events that are loud or with lots of colors and bright lights.

If you don’t get your child into therapy in time your baby may grow up to be as dependent as a new born for thier whole life.

So, as a devoted parent what are you going to do? Of course the answer is everything that’s possible then you’ll work on doing the impossible.

Which is what a lot of parents of autistic children are being forced to do even after laws mandate coverage.

The hock their futures to protect their childrens. That’s what parents do.

Gustave Dore,  Lazarus and the Rich Man

Gustave Dore, Lazarus and the Rich Man

What do insurance companies do? They deny claims routinely and hope you just go away because you can’t afford to fight them.

You’ve been reduced to poverty and can’t afford a lawyer because you’ve spent your future.

It is the reality of the situation. Read the report by Susan K. Livio/Statehouse Bureau on NJ.com.

“The problem with insurance companies is they make it so challenging to file claims,” said Meredith Blitz-Goldstein, an oral surgeon who works for the state-run New Jersey Dental School. “A lot of parents don’t know how to get through the system, and I think that’s how Horizon likes it.”…

Advocates say insurance companies and employers historically have balked at covering behavioral therapy because at one time it was considered experimental — and more of an educational exercise than a medical treatment. And, they say, it’s expensive because it takes a large investment of a skilled therapist’s time.
Families frequently report living on credit cards and going broke to pay for the care. Meredith Blitz-Goldstein said the therapy taught their son “everything — how to talk, use the toilet, communicate with family and friends, socialize.”…

“It’s a great win, but the system doesn’t really work because most people can’t afford to hire a lawyer,” she said. Insurance companies “are just hoping people go away.”
The family’s claims came before the 2010 state law mandated coverage. But advocates say families still have trouble getting coverage in spite of the mandates…

She added that even those covered by the law have trouble with insurers, saying there should be a state advocate who could help compel insurers to cover and reimburse the benefits required under the mandate…

Read more… http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2012/06/nj_insurers_flout_the_law_on_a.html

Do you agree that a state advocate should be mandated in all states?

Do you trust insurance companies to take care of your claims?

We would love to hear any suggestions you may have for helping get insurance claims paid faster.